Wearable Tech Capstone Project

An exploration in integrating technology in the structure of garments

Welcome to our project blog. Here we will be documenting our process of creating an integrated wearable garment that is focused on fashion and the human connection with clothing.

Printing Machine

Mentor Review: Melissa

This week we met with our faculty advisor, Melissa, who gave us some advice on the electronic design of our jackets. She helped us...



Idea Validation

How can we create a dynamic garment that is driven by aesthetic design through the adaptation of existing dynamic techniques? The answer to this question will drive the direction of our project. This "Idea Validation" document consists of our initial idea concept and corresponding research. We plan to rely on the data and feedback gathered through surveys and interviews of knowledgable people in the Wearable Technology industry in the finalization stage of our idea and concept.

Case Study

How can wearable technology surpass luxury wear and reach the casual fashionista’s everyday wardrobe? In this research study, we delve into understanding the Wearable Technology industry and the roadblocks it has seen.
The recent merger of the Technology and Fashion industries has created an entirely new market that seems like fashion, as the consumer wear the products, but tends to be primarily focused on technology. The expectation of fashion-focused wearable tech is currently not being met and therefore proves the lack of companies focused on fashion first with the technical aspects following. In this Capstone project, we aim to bridge this gap proved to exist through this Case Study.



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